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BIO MEDICI users rank it their first treatment of choice

Thousands of Bio Medici devices sold worldwide since 1984

The BIO MEDICI magnetic therapy device is a home therapy unit, which is pocket sized and is uniquely-portable! 
The Bio Medici magnetic field therapy device was developed by world-renowned physicist 
Dr.Wolfgang Ludwig
from Germany.
The magnetic device emits 
Schumann Waves
producing the life essential magnetic field for humans and animals- (not to be confused with therapeutic static magnets). Both function differently and are not comparable. 
Magnetic Therapy (also known as:  Magnetic Field Therapy, Pulsed Magnetic Therapy, Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, Extremely Low Frequency Fields, Electromagnetic Stimulation, and Magnetic Field Generator) has been proven to be extremely effective in biological terms. Static magnets do not produce the vital Schumann Waves!

Why is Magnetic Therapy becoming more popular to the mainstream consumer?

Today, we are bombarded with many ineffective treatments. Magnetic Therapy was previously only available through Therapy Centers and Clinics. The exceptional effects of this therapy have been extensively documented in medical and scientific reports worldwide.
Now due to the rise in health care costs Magnetic Therapy for home use has gained enormous popularity. Therefore, reducing hospital visits and outrageous health care costs, that most cannot afford.

Magnetic Therapy does not just treat the symptoms of your health problems, but rather treats the cause, which is the core of the problem.
Years, of success in treatment with the Bio Medici proved that it is a reputable, effective and popular treatment device. It is the #1 choice for health conscious individuals and health professionals. It has become one of the most in demand device on the market. 

See for yourself what renowned scientists and specialized health professionals have to say about the variety of health ailments that have been treated successfully with this therapy, by the mainstream consumer.

Read about numerous recommendation letters from Hospitals; letters from Health Professionals; research from a University and case reports; reports from the National Centre of Biotechnology; The National Library of Medicine and the Natural Institute of Health.

The BIO MEDICI magnetic therapy device should not be used by persons with pacemakers, by pregnant women, or after myocardial infarction. Caution is also advised in those cases where your symptoms should first be examined by a doctor or when additional treatment is required which must not be delayed.




Back pain




Rheumatic pain

Fracture healing

Wound healing

Magnetic Therapy 
Pain Management

Magnetic therapy for pain: The BIO MEDICI magnetic therapy device treats more than 60 health problems.
Very effective: The magnetic therapy neck wrap with the BIO MEDICI device.
Magnetic therapy helps to lessen and control stress reactions.
The BIO MEDICI magnetic therapy helps with the removal of toxins.
The BIO MEDICI magnetic therapy device provides a natural and effective alternative pain treatment.
Lower back pain can be alleviated with magnetic therapy, by helping to relax the back muscles and increasing the blood circulation.

It is really worthwhile to use the BIO MEDICI for the treatment of your health problems. People around the world report, that the BIO MEDICI Magnetic Stimulator has become an indispensable aid for them.
The device was originally designed for use in Hospitals and Clinics, with some built in features e.g. a timer for the treatment duration and very high impulses, which are needed to heal bone fractures. The price range was about $ 2500.00 for the device.
However, sales to hospitals where limited and this was the innovative idea to come up with an Magnetic Field Therapy device with all the important features, for home use at an affordable price.
Biotransmed used the existing technology, but without the unnecessary and pricey features and a new generation of a pocket sized 9-Volt operated device was designed: The BIO MEDICI. The point is, compared to automobiles: You don't need a Mercedes to reach your destination; a Volkswagen will get you there as well!
Above all, the device is unbeatable with its effectiveness and uncomplicated use. In short, it is the perfect for home treatment. It has been technologically perfected and combines in itself everything that the expert and the patient expect from an effective Magnetic Field Therapy device for self-treatment. It delivers a broad frequency spectrum of positively, harmoniously and biomagnetically stimulating pulses. The device offers universally applicable preventive, curative and combination treatment modalities based on physical principles. Finally, its like bringing hospital treatment to your home.

Why is the BIO MEDICI so affordable?

"Add years to your life and life to your years"