Its History and Importance:

The discovery of the importance on the influence of theEarth Magnetic Field and the magnetic stimulation on all living beings have its historical origins in China.
Soil enriched predominantly with Lodestones where found in these areas where unusual lush growing plants seemed to thrive. Plants had more resistance to insects and in severe drought conditions survived much longer without defects.
Trees grew faster baring more fruits, seeds germinated and sprouted weeks ahead, compared to other environments, pastures were greener and flowers bloomed vigorously compared to the places where there were no Lodestones enriching the soil.
Like a Garden of Eden!?

In early historical Chinese scripts and literature, the importance of these facts is described and how Chinese people used these findings and incorporated the results in their agricultural proceedings and farming in general.

In China, people mixed and enriched garden soil with this special Lodestone (later commercially mined in certain provinces) as well as the soil for all houseplants to reap these all-important benefits.
Documenting, how they utilized the stimulating magnetism and magnetic fields for plants and for all living matter in combination with the Earth's own magnetic field.

Life on this planet developed under the influence of the earth magnetic field. Western Scientists have showed the importance of magnetic field to LIFE functions many times in the past also. The Earth's natural magnetic field differs in areas around the globe ranging from 7.8 Hz up to 10 Hz.
Experimental shielding of plants from the terrestrial magnetic field leads to diseases and stunt growth, death follows.

Biologists in the early Eighteenth Century established the mechanism of cell regulation, expressing the life processes in terms of biochemistry and electron transfer. Electrical potentials have been measured across many biological membranes. There is a constant migration of ions across these membranes in the cell structure, and this movement is only possible if magnetic fields are present.

In fact, the health of all living beings including plants depends on the maintenance of their own delicate electromagnetic balance and when this balance is disturbed, disease occurs.
In simple terms: Plants grow and thrive only in a specific magnetic field, because it ensures the flow of nutrients in the plant!

Conclusion: The magnetic field induced by the stimulation of the Bio Medici device with its specific bio magnetic impulses (Earth magnetic field - multi resonance). Plants grow faster, become larger, healthier, and are able to produce more fruits than those plants that were without the Bio Medici stimulation!

In scientific tests over a period of two years on two-hundred different kinds of plant groups the results are as following:
Plants who have a natural magnetic field which is created by the flow of electrically charged ions - in and out - of the cells and the transmission of electric impulses through all membranes. Due to the fact that the earth magnetic field has weakened in the past hundreds of years, the Bio Medici device artificially produced magnetic stimulation which boost's the plant's natural magnetic force.

It replaces the Lodestone- and the decreasing magnetic field of our planet from the past - and with it brings modern technology which is - what plants need to live and flourish in the present and future!

The BIO MEDICI magnetic therapy device should not be used by persons with pacemakers, by pregnant women, or after myocardial infarction. Caution is also advised in those cases where your symptoms should first be examined by a doctor or when additional treatment is required which must not be delayed.

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