Switch 8- ON/OFF

Basic Frequency Information
The Earth's frequency varies from 7.8 Hz to 9.6. Hz
Alpha - 8 Hz to 13 Hz
Betha - 13 Hz and higher
Tetha - 4 Hz to 7 Hz
Delta - below 4 Hz

Brain frequency usually ranges from 10 Hz to 10.5 Hz but can range to 14 Hz and above under abnormal circumstances such as fear or panic. At 4 Hz there is a stimulation of the so-called grey zone of the mid brain, which releases encephalin, which results in the inhabitation of pain.

Effects of various frequencies
1 Hz to 3 Hz -Inflammation, pain and swelling are reduced
-Acts as a preventative setting
-Lymphatic drainage assisted

1 to 4 Hz -Stimulation of phagocyte cell production and the autoimmune system
-Counteracts infection

4 to 5 Hz -Improved cell regeneration and healing

5 to 6 Hz -Blood glucose concentration is lowered

5 Hz -Enhanced DNA-synthesis

8 Hz -Stimulation of ATP production, rebalance of potassium and sodium ions

10 Hz -Synchronies dominant brain waves

12 to 15 Hz -Increased blood circulation
-Increased supply of oxygen and nutrients via the vascular system

12 to 19 Hz -Removal of waste materials by the lymph system

Bio Medici Equine Application - Frequency Selections
*General Treatment 4 Hz- 1 hr, 6 Hz- 1 hr, 8 Hz- 1 hr, 10 Hz- 1 hr.
*Pain (initial treatment) 4 Hz- 1 hr, 10 Hz- 1 hr and 13 Hz- 1hr-.
Stop for 3 hours and repeat treatment same day.
Repeat treatment for second day.
*Pain (long term treatment) 10 Hz- as long as necessary
*Joint problems 31 Hz (all switches) as long as necessary
*Knee, Hock (arthritis) 28 Hz
*Knee, Hock (inflammation) 3 Hz
*Tendons 2 Hz- 1 hr than 4 Hz- 1 hr
*Bladder 2 Hz
*Circulation 12 Hz to 15 Hz
*Inflammation 2 Hz and /or 3 Hz
*Lung congestion 18 Hz
*Back and Hips 13 Hz
*Muscle pain & tension 4 Hz and 7 Hz
*Nervousness and Stress 1 Hz- May be applied on a 24 hrs per day basis-
attached to headband
*Sinusitis 2 Hz then 4 Hz- 1 hr each, alternate as long as necessary
*Spinal irritation 2 Hz then 4 Hz then 9 Hz- 4 hrs each, in sequence
*Wound healing 2 Hz for 2 to 3 days, then 4 Hz for a few days

Many other frequency settings are possible by studying and applying the basic frequency information provided.
The Bio-Medici is powered by a 9 Volt battery (supplied), which is easily replaceable. The battery life is generally about 1 year with regular use, or 6 weeks if used constantly. If the red diode stops blinking or blinks very weak the battery has to be changed. When using the device on a horse it is advisable to set the frequency, then place the Bio Medici in the protective case provided, then place in plastic zip-lock bag. It can then be wrapped into a regular stretch bandage, pinned to a blanket or attached to the halter as desired.

Points of applications

Magnetic Therapy for horses

Switch 1 =      0.5 Hz -   0.7   Hz
Switch 2 =   1.93  Hz -   2.00 Hz 
Switch 3 =   2.86  Hz -   3.00 Hz
Switch 4 =   3.85  Hz -   4.00 Hz
Switch 5 =   5.13  Hz -   6.00 Hz
Switch 6 =   7.14  Hz -   7.00 Hz
Switch 7 = 10.64  Hz - 11.00 Hz

The individual frequency for each switch is listed below. Any combination of switches used singularly or together produces a frequency of the total sum of the switches selected.
E.g. Switch 3 (3Hz) plus switch 6 (7 Hz) = 10 Hz

The BIO MEDICI magnetic therapy device should not be used by persons with pacemakers, by pregnant women, or after myocardial infarction. Caution is also advised in those cases where your symptoms should first be examined by a doctor or when additional treatment is required which must not be delayed.