9 V-Battery Operated Device

Magnetic therapy for pain: The BIO MEDICI Magnetic Therapy treats more than 60 health problems.
Very effective: The neck wrap therapy with the BIO MEDICI Magnetic Therapy
The BIO MEDICI Magnetic Therapy helps with the removal of toxins.
The BIO MEDICI Magnetic  Therapy provides a natural and effective alternative pain treatment.
Lower back pain can be alleviated with Magnetic Therapy by helping to relax the back muscles and increasing the blood circulation.

Magnetic Therapy: A God Sent Therapy

Is it not amazing that early magnetic therapy has been around for 1000s of years; still, so many people are not able to treasure or realize its value? Just a few decades ago we have actually begun to analyze scientifically the effects of magnetic therapy. Now, there are verified studies we can point at; for efficacy, clusters of healing, and foreseeable results that a growing percentage of doctors are willing to accept. In that respect, more analysis regarding how exactly magnetic therapy works to alleviate pain. It has been stated that magnetic therapy delivers winners over other forms of pain therapy.

It has been proven to be a safe, efficient, economic, and uncomplicated to use.
Magnetic therapy has an old culture and has occupied a fundamental function in Chinese medicine for over 2000 years. Magnetic therapy is mentioned in some of the earliest writings in Egypt, India and Greece.

Magnetic Therapy has been scientifically demonstrated to enable the body to regain its self-healing electromagnetic balance naturally. Strong evidence suggests that magnetic therapy may help to: alleviate pain and inflammation, rejuvenate natural energy, increase blood circulation, prevent or reverse infection, boost metabolic processing of toxins and by keeping the healing process going. Magnetic therapy is a non-invasive treatment technique with a very high success rate, which has so much to provide in both prevention and treatment of chronic disorders.

Magnetic therapy has no noticeable side effects, and won't interact negatively with medication. Magnetic therapy increases the absorbability of medication on natural and chemical basis.

The Modern Age Of Magnetic Therapy

One of the first scientists in the field of magnetic therapy was the world-renowned physicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig of Germany, who discovered that certain electromagnetic impulses could stimulate the body cells in a positive way. The opposite could be said in our daily life by being attacked by all kinds of uncontrolled ‘electric smog’ radiated from appliances, baseboard heaters, computers, TVs and cellular telephones, etc.
In contrast to the electric smog, magnetic therapy applied, can correct these negative influences, by reversing sick cells back to their original healthy status.

One of the most effective magnetic therapy treatments can be achieved with the BIO MEDICI. This wearable-pulsed magnetic field therapy device was developed by Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig and operates –(unlike other devices which are plug-ins) simply on a 9-Volt battery. Most magnetic therapy devices come with an adaptor (transformer) to be plugged into wall sockets and therefore are subject to even more undesired negative radiation administered from the adapter. This radiation (electro smog) can reach up to a distance of 3 feet (1 meter).

The unique designed antenna of the BIO MEDICI device sends out magnetic impulses in a specific magnetic field strength. The device can be adjusted to dozens of conditions including: inflammatory processes, pain acute and chronic, sleeplessness, vegetative complaints and it may be worn around the aching body part (in its carrying tube) for extended periods of time, to restore the body's natural biological-magnetic energies and rhythms.

Medical Magnets versus 'Magnetic Therapy' Devices

Permanent medical magnets consist of a North and South Pole. The traditional Chinese medicine states that; each body part corresponds to the South or North Pole of a magnet. It is scientific knowledge to know as to which body part requires North OR South Pole.
In Pulsed Magnetic therapy devices the North and South Pole is changing constantly in a certain frequency. You can treat all parts of the body without being concerned about polarity.
An 800-gauss magnet for instance, may penetrate effectively only a few millimeters into the body. From there, the magnetic field diminishes quickly, the further the distance. A pulsating magnetic therapy device sends out specific biomagnetic impulses up to 1 foot (30 cm) distance coming from within the antenna. They are able to penetrate through clothing and even through diecast. These impulses reach every bone and cell in your body to achive a long term healing effect.

The BIO MEDICI magnetic therapy device should not be used by persons with pacemakers, by pregnant women, or after myocardial infarction. Caution is also advised in those cases where your symptoms should first be examined by a doctor or when additional treatment is required which must not be delayed.