Q.: How long do I have to treat myself with HEMOfree to obtain relief of the pain & swelling and when will the Hemorrhoids decrease in size?
A.: That depends upon what stage the Hemorrhoids are at. In most cases people already experience relief after only a few treatments with HEMOfree. To reduce acute Hemorrhoid problems, 2-3 weeks of treatment are sufficient.

Q.: Should I freeze HEMOfree directly in a sanitary plastic bag?
A.: Yes, it is important to insert the washed, dried with a clean tissue HEMOfree. Place applicator in a new sanitary zip-loc /plastic bag, the first time and after every use.

Q.: When freezing the applicator, why do I have to position HEMOfree with the thinner-end facing downwards?
A.: It is important because the liquid inside the HEMOfree must be evenly distributed inside the applicator in order to achieve the best treatment results, for inside and outside the anus.

Q.: For how long should the HEMOfree applicator be frozen in the freezer?
A.: At least 2 hours depending on the temperature of your freezer or deep-freezer. Three hours with a regular freezer. Two hours- with a deep-freezer. Always store in freezer so that the applicator is ready to be used. HEMOfree applicator is now sufficiently frozen and ready to be used when the liquid inside does not move around when shaken.

Q.: If there is a little condensation (which causes ice build up on the exterior of the applicator), how can I best remove it?
A.: If there is condensation buildup, then simply wipe applicator with a clean tissue before applying the lubricant.

Q.: Is the therapy and insertion uncomfortable?
A.: It is important that the HEMOfree applicator is sufficiently lubricated. Slowly and gently insert the thin end of the applicator until you feel the bottom wider part coming in contact with the outside of the anus. At the beginning of the therapy you will feel a soothing cooling sensation. 

Q.: How much time do I leave the applicator inside the anus?
A.: The treatment time is 10 to 12 minutes per session. The liquid which is sealed inside, slowly thaws and in doing so, dispenses the cooling gradually over a period of time.
Q.: Is it possible to use HEMOfree too frequently and if so, are there any side effects?
A.: No, this natural therapy has NO SIDE EFFECTS! The more you use it, the more it helps. It is a 100% natural.

Q.: Should  I continue the treatment if the pain and discomfort vanish?
A.: Use HEMOfree at first sign of pain, general irritation, itching, swelling.

Q.: Which lubricants can I use?
A.: Generally all personal lubricants found at your local drugstore are good. Also, natural and/or personal lubricants from the pharmacy or health food store are suitable for this type of personal use. Always make certain that the lubricants you purchase are suitable.

Q.: Is the liquid inside the HEMOfree natural?
A.: Yes, the liquid inside the applicator is 100% natural and non-toxic, and completely safe.

Q.: Can I use HEMOfree in conjunction with prescription medication and/or creams that are recommended by my doctor?
A.: Yes, absolutely!

Q.: Is it possible to prevent Hemorrhoids from re-occurring?
A.: After each bowel movement or at the slightest discomfort HEMOfree use is recommended, this will prevent the Hemorrhoids from getting worse or from coming back. Additionally, it is important to have regular soft bowel movement and not constipation. Constipation can have Hemorrhoids re-occure frequently.

Q.:  What is the applicator made of?
A.:  The applicator is made of high quality and high density surgically approved polyethylene plastic.

Q.: Can the liquid inside the applicator leak?
A.   The HEMOfree applicator is permanently sealed and can be used for years.