Experience a dramatic pain relief already from the first treatment!

The HEMOfree deep freeze applicator delivers cold temperatures directly to the inflammed area, reducing the swelling, itching, burning within a short period of time.

Why you should not delay the treatment of Hemorrhoids...

It is estimated that approximately half of all Americans have had this condition by the age of 50, and that 50% to 85% of the worlds population will be affected by Hemorrhoids at some time in their life. However, only a small number seek medical treatment. Annually, only about 500,000 people in the U.S. are medically treated for Hemorrhoids, with 10%- 20% of them requiring surgeries.

A much felt, yet not openly discussed ailment. Unfortunately it is not just an ailment, but it can develop into a serious health problem! When blood vessels become congested they enlarge even to the point of bleeding. Those veins inside and outside the anus can develop from mild-stage 1- up to its severe stage 4.
People often compare them to varicose veins. When the bleeding, itching of Hemorrhoids become intolerable, the only solution left is showing them to the doctor! The doctor appointment is postponed many times from the hope that they will go away. According to statistics, up to 85% of western society is suffering from Hemorrhoids.There can be many factors that can cause them; constipation, childbirth, different types of foods, alcohol, genetics, sitting for long periods in an office, lack of exercise, unhealthy lifestyle all can contribute in causing this problem.
HEMOfree is a cryogenic re-usable probe that delivers a very cold temperature directly to the haemorrhoids and eliminates all your haemorrhoidal symptoms! This cooling action causes the blood vessels in the affected area to shrink, by inducing circulation- which in turn soothes the swollen tissues reduces inflammation and bleeding.
The treatment with HEMOfree is natural and completely safe. You cannot overdose and medications can be used in conjunction with the treatment, such as lotions and suppositories.
A few treatments with HEMOfree are usually enough to reduce the swelling and relieve the pain and discomfort, substantially.

A much felt, yet not openly discussed ailment. Unfortunately it is not just an ailment, but it can develop into a serious health problem!

We are all aware of the opinion of a health professional when you have no more treatment options left: SURGERY! A word that scares even the most toughest, and is also possibly only a temporary solution. Hemorrhoids have the tendency to return! It may not necessarily be a cure.
For years doctors have recommended “ice-sitz bath", ice cubes or anything that is cold enough to reduce the inflammation and swelling. Ever tried an ice cube down there? Messy, uncomfortable, and difficult to use… but you know it helps… right? Ice would be impossible to introduce into the rectum and it would melt in less than 1 minute.The use of cold temperature to relieve pain and swelling has been used since centuries for inflammations. But now it can be used with this easy to use haemorrhoid treatment.

Now you don't!
Now you feel it...
HEMOfree is a natural deep freeze hemorrhoid treatment that really works!

Target your problem
 at the source!

Don't be embarrassed or shy to discuss Hemorrhoids because Hemorrhoids are common!

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