About pulsed magnetic field therapy and experimental cancer treatments

Dr. Kenneth S. MacLean, founder of the Institute of Biomagnetics in New York, spent numerous years exposing experimental animals to varying intensities of magnetism produced by electrical coils. He explored on himself spending hundreds of hours working and even resting in specific Pulsed Magnetic Fields. Afterwards, Dr.MacLean cautiously began to accept cancer victims considered to be "hopeless" by other physicians. He exposed these incurable patients to an average of 10 magnetic field therapy treatments each one. By carefully reviewing their microscopic cellular alterations under rigorous laboratory ruled conditions, he concluded that exposure to magnetic fields was at least helpful in each case and unsafe in none. His patients reacted so favorably - in some cases becoming totally pain free - that he was confident to expand his pulsed magnetic field therapy treatments.
It was among the elderly that he first became aware of a strange rejuvenating effect that coincided with prolonged exposure to his artificially created magnetic fields. After 10 half-hour sessions under the "electromagnetic activator" some of his patient's white hair showed significant darkening. In some unidentified way, magnetism was restoring the melanin to their hair.
There were other signs of regained health. Dr. MacLean said "At first I couldn't bring myself to believe that so many of these malignancies were actually regressing". He presented sources of "before and after" color slides of microscopic tissue cultures taken from his patients.
Dr. MacLean is a physician specializing in Gynecology and Cytology. In a significant number of cases, the slides indicated a definite regression of unusual cellular growth after prolonged electro magnetic treatments. It was extremely unlikely that they could all be attributed to what doctors refer to as "spontaneous regression". This unexplainable return to normalcy is observed in only small percentages of the most advanced cancer cases Dr. MacLean's said, stating "I can't say anything officially", he confessed, "but let's face it, this treatment is a Godsend. It's good for almost anything."

The BIO MEDICI magnetic therapy device should not be used by persons with pacemakers, by pregnant women, or after myocardial infarction. Caution is also advised in those cases where your symptoms should first be examined by a doctor or when additional treatment is required which must not be delayed.

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