Being head nurse at a big hospital, chronically lacking trained personnel, enduring night shifts and trying to cope with worries concerning my children, I am under constant stress. A year ago I suffered a heart attack symptoms and became hospitalized. Since a few months I am working again, restricted however, to only three days per week. But my trials did not end here. Eight months ago I sufferedmuscle inflammation symptoms at the lower spine, brought on by over-exertion and arthritisin the knee and shoulder joint, to the extent that I could barely move my arm. Both impairments caused great discomfort. Naturally, my afflictions were treated with medication, which unfortunately, did not help at all. To alleviate the pain, [Tylenol] was prescribed. Since I am fully aware of side effects with prolonged use, I took the pills only in extreme pain. At times I experienced dreadful pains in the chest and a feeling of pressure, like a cramp constricting my throat. These aches also occurred sometimes while driving. I am of the nervous type, which does not help. I was at my wit's end. Acupuncture helped only temporarily. Then a good spirit must have intervened. My daughter had heard from a friend about a company manufacturing a device, called the Bio Medici magnetic stimulator which for many years, had proven itself to be effective against a variety of health problems.
A few days later the little wonder arrived and to my amazement, after the first day of treatment I noticed a general well-being and a reduction of pain. For several days I applied the magnetic instrument at various settings against my diverse complaints. Six weeks have passed since; I am free of pain and now I simply continue using the magnetic stimulator as a prevention. I am not quite as nervous anymore. I carry the little magnetic stimulator with me while at work. It really makes a difference to me and I am very grateful that I could be helped.
K. Thomas

The Bio Medici magnetic stimulator arrived two weeks before Christmas, just in time to cure me of my persistent bronchitis and chest pain, which had became a chronic bronchitis, so that I could celebrate the festive season with my family. Since four weeks I had taken antibiotics, prescribed by my physician, but they did not bring any relief. Even before that, I had taken various medication, without success. The cough at times was so strong and persistent, that my throat, my head, even the muscles in my back ached. However, after the first evening when I applied the magnetic stimulator while I watched TV, my husband noticed that my bad cough had subsided. (I am a nonsmoker). I had noticed this as well. Furthermore, I felt comfortably relaxed and almost fell asleep. I continued applying the treatment for several hours during work at the office and in the evening.
Now, since one week I am free of symptoms. But not only that, I am more active, work better and feel all around healthier, thanks to the little miracle device!
I shall recommend the magnetic stimulator to all my friends and acquaintances.
Beatrice K. Molnar


This Christmas I gave my mother - seventy-two years young - a Bio Medici magnetic stimulator. Over a year ago she had broken her arm, damaging the shoulder joints in the process. As she was in constant pain, which she should not have had according to a diagnosis, she underwent several after-treatments. All of them did not really alleviate the pain.
However, after the first treatment with the magnetic therapy device she noticed a pleasant and comforting warmth, which spread over the whole arm right up to her shoulder. From this time on, all pain had disappeared. After having applied the treatment and being without pain for a whole week she noticed, that up until now, how difficult it was, to move her shoulder joint. Now she is again flexible and free of pain. She is now very happy with the successful treatment method and cannot often enough talk about it.
By contrast, my father, seventy-two years also, was at first not interested, even skeptical of the  treatment. But by now he favors the Bio Medici magnetic stimulator. He only wanted to test the instrument, he claimed initially. A discord by now broke out between my mother and father, as he does not want to share the instrument. He insists that he needs it to feel well. He had previously undergone a heart bypass operation and suffers since for one year from severe dizziness, particularly while rising in the morning, but also often during the day. He was unable to leave the house, as quite suddenly a dizzy spell would grip him. His physicians did not know how to help him since a diagnosis did not reveal anything abnormal. For my father, who is a very active person, the condition was distressing and he became very depressed and at times despondent.
Already after the first night he slept with the Bio Medici magnetic stimulator under his pillow, he could rise without difficulty and without any dizziness. He called me right away, quite enthusiastically. He now applies the magnetic stimulator also during the day and is very satisfied with its success.
Therefore, I would like to order an additional Bio Medici magnetic stimulator and ask you to forward it per Express mail.
Thank so much,
Horst Mascheder

These unfortunate conditions in my life, with its constant discomfort and pain resulted in poor moods and apathy; conditions under which my family and colleagues also suffered for the past two years. I am the General Manager of an industrial designs-firm. A few weeks ago a German colleague, whom I had told of my misfortune, suggested I should try the Bio Medici magnetic stimulator. He was convinced its treatment method would alleviate my problem. He supplied me with the address of the company I consequently ordered such a magnetic stimulator the same day.
Meanwhile, my colleague lent me his Bio Medici magnetic stimulator, which he used at the office from time to time. After I applied the Bio Medici magnetic stimulator directly to my left cheekbone, I noticed with disbelieving surprise, that after only 20 minutes a mollifying effect took place. A remarkable reduction of the pain, pressure and tension set in, as if the muscles were relaxing. After another hour the swelling of the eye had subsided. I was absolutely overwhelmed with this successful application.
The next day I received per express post my own Bio Medici. I applied the magnetic stimulator during the night by placing it under the pillow. Again, the effect was astounding. The next morning my cheekbone and the left side of my face were free of pain and felt perfectly normal. As an additional bonus, I had slept soundly.
I now apply the magnetic stimulator several times during the day. My problems have disappeared, to the point, that I no longer need any further medication.
It is now two weeks since I first applied the Bio Medici and I can say that once more life is enjoyable. I am very grateful to have had the possibility to come by this amazing instrument.
Once more, many thanks,
Thank you,
Horst Mascheder

I hereby would like to tell you, that the BIO MEDICI magnetic stimulator has helped me very much. Since many months I suffered from chronic sinus infection. However, within five weeks of applying the magnetic stimulator, my condition had improved by 50% and should soon be cured completely, thanks to the magnetic stimulator. Furthermore, not only that! I was developing a painful throat ear infection which was cured overnight by simply placing the device to my left temple, and the device also remedied mysleeping disordeers.
Sounds rather incredible, but it is true.
I very much recommend the BIO MEDICI magnetic stimulator to all my friends and acquaintances. Again, my sincere thanks to you for having brought this device to Mexico at a very affordable price. The Mexican Medicare System should also benefit accordingly, by saving costly medical procedures. I am convinced, that in the future, the BIO MEDICI magnetic stimulator will continue to render invaluable services to my family and myself.
H.K. Kraemer

Relief from back pain without surgery or drugs

I am applying the treatment with the Bio Medici magnetic stimulator since only four weeks. I am amazed, however, at the swift and effective results. For many years I suffered from intense and chronic back pain and aches in the head area. My physician recommended surgery and drugs. After applying the Bio Medici, the pain was reduced by 50%, requiring only an absolute minimum of painkillers. Moreover, my blood pressure, much too high for several years, has also been lowered already to an acceptable level. My physician, quite astonished by my amazing recovery, will contact you to order a Bio Medici magnetic stimulator for himself.
M. Doerringer

Two years ago I suffered a serious skiing accident. My left cheek bone was broken, or rather splintered. From this point on, my life meant constant pain. So intense was the pain, that at times the throbbing and pounding spread over the entire half of my face. My left eye was swollen and I furthermore suffered from sleeping disorders as I could not, even with a very soft pillow, rest on the left side. My consumption of pain relieving medication was accordingly, to the point, that my family became very concerned. Though I had reconstructive surgery and there were no visible scars, my splintered cheek bone continued to torment me, even after several medical after-treatments.

Magnetic therapy for pain: The BIO MEDICI magnetic stimulator treats more than 60 health problems.
Very effective: The magnetic  neck wrap therapy with the BIO MEDICI magnetic stimulator.
The BIO MEDICI magnetic stimulator provides a natural and effective alternative pain treatment.
Lower back pain can be alleviated with magnetic stimulator, by helping to relax the back muscles and increasing the blood circulation.

The BIO MEDICI magnetic therapy device should not be used by persons with pacemakers, by pregnant women, or after myocardial infarction. Caution is also advised in those cases where your symptoms should first be examined by a doctor or when additional treatment is required which must not be delayed.